Approved by Despacho nº 10714/2015


Coordenador Mestrado em Gestão da Saúde e Segurança no Trabalho


Doutor Gomes de Oliveira
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The degree on Safety at Work Engineering, at ISEC Lisboa, aims to provide theoretical and practical training needed to develop practical skills, attitudes and behaviours that should be achieved by the Safety and Health Staff.

The syllabus of the degree in Occupational Safety Engineering, being appropriate to the rules established by the Bologna Agreement, proposes a curriculum organization based on the working time of students. Thus, the relative weight of the 30 disciplines is determined by the sum of hours contact (theoretical, practical-theoretical, practical and laboratory, fieldwork, internship, mentoring, tutorial), as well as the hours of study, assessment, work on the ground, among other projects, giving 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), corresponding to 4860 hours. The course is spread across 6 semesters (3 years).



Mathematics I / Matemática I 1st Semester 6
Chemistry I / Química I 1st Semester 6
Informatics / Informática  1st Semester 4
Technical English / Inglês Técnico 1st Semester 5
Introduction to the Study of Law / Introdução ao Estudo do Direito 1st Semester 3
Introduction to Safety and Health at Work / Introdução à Segurança no Trabalho 1st Semester 4
Anatomy and Physiology Applied to HSW  / Anatomia e Fisiologia Aplicada à SST 1st Semester 2
Mathematics II / Matemática II 2nd Semester 6
Chemistry II / Química II 2nd Semester 6
Physics I / Física I 2nd Semester 6
Negotiation Communication and Information Techniques / Técnicas de Informação, Comunicação e Negociação 2nd Semester 3
Occupational Health and First Aid / Saúde Ocupacional e Primeiros Socorros 2nd Semester 4
Legislation and Regulation in HSW / Legislação e Regulamentação em SST   2nd Semester 3
Materials Technology / Tecnologia de Materiais 2nd Semester 2
Mathematics III / Matemática III 1st Semester 6
Physics II / Física II 1st Semester 6
Probability and Statistics / Probabilidade e Estatística  1st Semester 4
Ergonomics / Ergonomia 1st Semester 5
Technical Drawing / Desenho Técnico 1st Semester 4
Occupational Risk Assessment / Avaliação de Riscos Profissionais 1st Semester 5
Instrumentation and Maintenance / Instrumentação e Manutenção 2nd Semester 4
Electrical and Mechanical Hazards / Riscos Mecânicos e Elétricos 2nd Semester 4
Chemical Hazards / Riscos Químicos 2nd Semester 3
Operational Investigation / Investigação Operacional  2nd Semester 5
Technologies and Industrial Processes / Tecnologias e Processos Industriais 2nd Semester 3
Physical Hazards / Riscos Físicos 2nd Semester 6
Safety at Work I / Segurança no Trabalho I 2nd Semester 5
Fire Safety I / Segurança Contra Incêndios 1st Semester 6
Microbiology and Biological Hazards / Microbiologia e Riscos Biológicos 1st Semester 4
Safety at work II / Segurança no Trabalho II 1st Semester 6
Design and Management / Conceção e Gestão da Formação 1st Semester 5
Psychosocial Risks / Riscos Psicossociais 1st Semester 3
Project I / Projeto I 1st Semester 2

Organisational Management and Planning / Gestão das Organizações e Planeamento

1st Semester 4
Professional Risk Management / Gestão de Riscos Profissionais 2nd Semester 5
Fire Safety II / Segurança Contra Incêndios II 2nd Semester 6
Ethics and Deontology / Ética e Deontologia 2nd Semester 2
Prevention Management / Gestão dos Sistemas da Prevenção 2nd Semester 5
Project II / Projeto II 2nd Semester 12