Approved in Notice no. 7384/2018

Dra. Mónica Lameiro
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The new Higher Technical Course in Graphic and Digital Production responds to the needs of the sector of Graphic and Creative Industries, and it opens the possibility of integrating new highly trained professionals with knowledge adjusted to the needs of the creative market. Portugal has approximately 2750 companies in the Graphic Industries sector responsible for more than 26 500 direct jobs.

In the Lisbon Region, the sector of Printing Industry and Creative Industries has a very relevant prominence in the national scene. The existence of hundreds of small and medium-sized companies with small digital technology responses, advertising and vinyl manipulation studios, small graphic design and production studios, and digital printing studios as well, more and more influenced by continuous and rapid technological changes, requires the standardization of technical and professional skills of all those who exercise their professional activity in this sector, which constitutes great employment opportunities and the development of a professional career with solid prospects for the future.

This course automatically assigns a total of 90 ECTS of equivalences to students who, after its completion, intend to pursue studies for the Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Graphic Production. This accreditation corresponds to all Curricular Units of the course, with the exception of the Curricular Internship.


The Superior Professional Technician in Graphic and Digital Production is the professional capable of developing and providing technical support to graphic projects and in any specific sector of the production of printed graphic materials and digital publications (technical preparation of originals, technical adjustment, standardization, technological suitability, color management and final artwork), support budgeting, management and technical supervision of the production process, control, selection and management of printing materials, control and coordination of the finished product shipment. He/she is also the professional capable of ensuring the technical and logistical link with the customer and suppliers, the quality management, the application of the sector's standards and the compliance with environmental protection standards.


  • Plan the production of graphic objects and products
  • Control the preparation of original files for reproduction and publication
  • Manage color reproduction in graphic processes
  • Manage supports, paints and materials to use in the production process
  • Organize and supervise prepress production and processes
  • Collaborate in the management of quality and prepress processes
  • Collaborate in the management of security and environmental protection in printing processes

STUDY PLAN 2020/2021