Approved in Notice no. 12950/2016 of 24 October 2016

Coordenador CTeSP Sistemas de Gestão da Qualidade

Master Mónica Gomes
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The superior professional technician in QMS supports the implementation, maintenance and management of quality, environment, occupational and food safety and health management systems in organizations, ensuring the proper functioning of quality management systems in accordance with the normative references, legislation in force and good sectoral practice, promoting the continuous improvement of organizations both in the creation of decision support for top management and in the creation and application of procedures and support to employees and service providers, being able to integrate audit teams, participate in the elaboration of audit programs, monitor the certifying entities and/or the external audits and collaborate in the management systems revision.


  • Support top management in the process of continuous improvement of their organization in aspects related to quality, environment and occupational and food safety and health;
  • Participate, along with top management, in the definition of objectives and identification of means to implement management systems in accordance with the defined goals;
  • Articulate the implementation of management strategies with the intermediate management and section/line managers of the organization's various functional areas in order to achieve the established objectives and goals;
  • Interpret and apply the requirements defined in the quality management system standard NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001/NP 4397, NP EN ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 22000;
  • Develop and implement a quality management system adapted to a sector of activity;
  • Control the documentation and records of a management system;
  • Control measuring and monitoring devices;
  • Evaluate the results of applying the organization's quality control procedures;
  • Prepare Quality Manuals;
  • Integrate Management Systems resulting from more than one normative framework, identifying the correspondence between the different standards and demonstrating the synergies created;
  • Promote quality improvement through the use of quality tools;
  • Recognize quality planning support techniques that enable product and process development from customer needs to production planning and identify and prevent potential problems in the development and production phases;
  • Participate in the treatment of nonconformities and develop corrective and preventive action programs;
  • Identify the skills for recruiting and selecting workers to perform functions that affect the product or service;
  • Identify, plan and monitor supplier and procurement processes;
  • Identify and apply methodologies and techniques for selection, evaluation and classification of suppliers;
  • Participate in the elaboration of an audit program;
  • Integrate auditors’ teams;
  • Monitor the certifying entities and/or external audits;
  • Collaborate in the review of management systems.





Economy and Management

50 5

Expression and Communication Techniques

50 4


60 6

Applied Mathematics

60 6


50 5
Técnicas de Análise e Apresentação de Dados 50 5

Data Analysis and Presentation Techniques

50 5

Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health

60 6

Environmental Management Systems

60 6

Information, Communication and Trading Techniques

60 6

Quality Management Systems

60 6

Ethics and Social Responsibility

40 4

Laboratory Integrated Management

30 3

Food Safety Management Systems

60 6

Business Audits

70 7

Occupational Safety and Health Management System

60 6

Metrology and Instrumentation

40 4


- 30