Accredited by Decision NCE/14/01117 of the Management Board of the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education, published in 9 July 2015. Order 9810/2015
Rectification of the Order 9810/2015, of 14 August 2015.

Coordenador Mestrado em Gestão da Saúde e Segurança no Trabalho


Gomes de Oliveira, PhD
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This Master’s degree intends to qualify and specialize Superior Technician on Occupational Safety, within the framework of management and/or direction functions performed in public or private entities. The training provided is advanced and transversal to the activity related to Occupational Safety and Health, and aims at knowledge and management skills, complementary and comprehensive, in order to optimize operational performance in business, without neglecting the necessary dimension of research and development.


The Master’s Degree in Occupational Health and Safety Management aims to prepare senior management for an activity of recognized technical and social importance. Therefore, the course offers a solid and proper multidisciplinary training that will enable its graduates to perform a wide range of professional activities, such as:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Management in national and international public and private entities;
  • Occupational Safety and Health Consulting and Advisory Services;
  • Education and Training;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Scientific research and technological development.




Integrated Safety

1st Semester 5

OSH Legislation, Regulation and Standards

1st Semester 5

Risk Assessment and Control

1st Semester 15

Accident Investigation and Transfer of Responsibility

1st Semester 5

Strategic Management and Planning

2nd Semester 12

Management Systems Integration

2nd Semester 8

Behavioral Safety

2nd Semester 5

Seminar I

2nd Semester 5

OSH Ethics and Deontology

1st Semester 5

Scientific Research Tools

1st Semester 8

Labour Economics and Safety Management

1st Semester 7

Seminar II

1st Semester 5


2nd Semester 35