Approved in Notice no. 13921/2015.
Amendment to the registration of the Higher Tecnhical Course in Development of Multimedia Products

Especialist António Bajanca
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The Short Cycle in Development of Multimedia Products aims to train higher technicians with technical, critical and creative skills in the fields of audiovisual and multimedia, capable of creating, planning and developing solutions using design principles and practices and multimedia technologies, as well as capture, record, process and dissemination techniques of cinema and video.


  • Register and edit still image, in motion;
  • Capture, edit and treat sound;
  • Scan image and sound files;
  • Operate image and sound recording equipment indoors and outdoors;
  • Pre-produce, produce and post-produce audiovisual contents for various media;
  • Apply optimization strategies for interface design in the construction of multimedia supports;
  • Create and edit texts, graphics and bitmap and vector images, using specific software;
  • Compose the architecture of pages using pagination software;
  • Model and animate 2D and 3D objects for audiovisual and multimedia applications;
  • Program multimedia applications using standard tools and technologies;
  • Conceive and/or hold events with light, image and sound;
  • Create scripts and storyboards for audiovisual and multimedia products;
  • Conceive, produce and develop 2D and 3D multimedia animation projects;
  • Plan, design and develop websites;
  • Plan, design and develop multimedia products.

STUDY PLAN 2020/2021