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Filipa Fernandes
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The CTeSP in Digital Marketing, with a specialization in Social Media Management, arises in response to the growing need for professionals who are able to interpret the new communication paradigms, shaped by technology and by consumers more and more active and familiar with digital platforms. In an increasingly globalized and technologically advanced era, there is a need for companies to position themselves online as a way to reach their consumers 24 hours a day. Brands are seeking more and more to reach their target audience through the Internet, and this becomes a preferential medium to publicize the advantages and benefits of their products and services as opposed to the competition. Consequently, and due to the possibility of concrete measurement of results and return on investment, companies' marketing budgets increasingly include digital media.

All sustainable development studies indicate that, by 2020, more than 12 000 jobs will be created in the commercial, marketing, communication and information areas, expanding the need to hire CRM/Relational Marketing and E-Commerce technicians. Therefore, there is an increasing need for highly trained and autonomous professionals in the management of digital content and in the definition of integrated communication and digital marketing strategies, which constitute a very significant number of job creation opportunities in this area.


The Superior Professional Technician in Digital Marketing is the professional capable of planning, managing, executing and evaluating digital marketing strategies that allow enhancing the presence of companies, products and brands in the online environment.

He/she is also the professional with skills and abilities to edit, design, publish, manage and monitor digital content on social media and digital communication platforms.


  • Develop and execute marketing and communication planning for an online market strategy 
  • Develop and coordinate digital marketing campaigns 
  • Manage brand identity, positioning and main market segmentation criteria in a digital environment 
  • Monitor the application of commercial legislation in marketing and communication planning for an online market strategy 
  • Create content for digital media in line with the consumers’ needs 
  • Manage the new digital media available using new techniques for selling products, services and ideas 
  • Plan a study of the company's products and/or services, characterize the type of customers and collect information about the competition and the market in general, in order to adequately meet the customers’ needs, satisfaction and loyalty 
  • Coordinate the media planning and online tools and media 
  • Monitor and manage the impact of digital marketing campaigns 

STUDY PLAN 2020/2021