Maria Cristina Ventura, PhD


Officially recognized in August 1991, ISEC Lisboa - Higher Institute of Education and Sciences, is defined as a private non-profit higher education and research establishment whose institutional mission is to provide scientific, technical, cultural, pedagogical, professional and human training. As an institution of public interest, ISEC aims for growth driven by the national needs as well as the objectives that it statutorily pursues, thus contributing to the qualified, integrated and harmonious development of higher education in Portugal.

This mission is mainly accomplished through a training project guided by high standards and inspired by ethical and humanist principles, to prepare citizens of culture and competent professionals. The adequacy of a training project to quality professional performance depends largely on the integration of scientifically produced knowledge. This is why the learning experience marked by intellectual curiosity and the spirit of research represents, in our educational project, a strategy for integrating theoretical and practical knowledge, critical reflection and lifelong professional development.