The Professional Integration Office (GIP) intends to help current and former students in professional integration, from resume preparation to interview preparation, and keeping the job database up to date.


Know Now Know How Network was initially created under Decree-Law No. 43/2014 of 18 March (meanwhile repealed, but replaced by Decree-Law No. 63/2016 of 13 September, which also provides for the existence of these networks), which created in the polytechnic higher education system the professional higher technical courses (CTeSP), a shorter higher education, characterized for being more technical, specialized, professionalizing and applied and, therefore, necessarily more connected to companies and other employers.

Despite being born associated with the creation of this new course typology, ISEC Lisboa understood early on that the creation and networking of Know Now Know How should have a broader scope of action and consolidated it as a real bridge between education and training institutions and employers, not only aggregating the partnerships already existing at ISEC Lisboa but also deepening the connection with the community and region in which we operate and promoting the joining of new entities.

Officially launched on 26 January 2016, the Know Now Know How Network currently has approximately 150 partners (companies, municipalities, professional associations, NGOs, higher education institutions, high schools and vocational schools), with these main objectives:

  • The articulation of level 4, 5 and 6 training provided by the partner schools/educational institutions;
  • Design, implementation and development of new CTeSP;
  • Production of educational offer applicable to business reality and relevant to the development of the region;
  • Articulation between the training offer of Know Now Know How Network partners and the labor market;
  • Development and optimization of asset qualification with sustained competitiveness capabilities;
  • Promote the development in “academy/industry” partnership of products, services and organizational processes that make companies more competitive in a global environment;
  • Development of collaborative and applied research projects between partner entities;
  • Contribute to local, regional and national development through the development of an open and socially responsible scientific culture;
  • Promote the transfer of knowledge produced in higher education institutions to companies, creating value.


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