Approved in Order no. 13260/2016 published in Diário da República, 2nd series - no. 212 - 4 November 2016, amended by Corrigendum no. 768/2017.
Accredited by the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education | Process CEF/0910/15607 of 13 November 2011


Doutor Leonardo Springer
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Doutora Maria Inês Lourenço
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The Bachelor's Degree in Design and Graphic Production provides direct contact with the entire cycle of graphic product development, from design and creative development, to premedia and digital printing/publishing.

It is a unique training on the national scene, which complements a creative and a theoretical component with in-depth experimentation in graphic production and online editing platforms. This specificity of training has ensured a graduate employment rate well above the average. All curricular units are theoretical and practical, and have a strong technological component.


To plan the production of graphic objects and products; develop and provide technical follow-up to graphic projects; control the preparation of original files for reproduction and publication; manage color reproduction in graphic processes; manage supports, paints and materials to be used in the production process; organize and supervise production and prepress processes; collaborate in the management of quality and prepress processes; support the preparation of budgets, the management and technical supervision of the production process; control, selection and management of printing materials; control and coordination of the delivery of the finished product; ensure the technical and logistical connection with the customer and suppliers, quality management and application of sector standards, and compliance with environmental protection standards.


This degree is aimed at society in general, namely: students who have completed secondary school; graduates of other degrees whose professional situation would benefit from in-depth knowledge in the field of design and graphic production.


This degree aims to train graphic designers, skilled with solid knowledge on the latest computer tools, with in-depth skills in the premedia areas, and knowledge on the various printing and/or publishing systems in digital platforms.


Bachelor's Degree in Design and Graphic Production.


Daytime (currently in force)
* ISEC Lisboa may open night/day classes, depending on the number of students enrolled and their preferences.

Course's total duration
6 semesters (3 years).


The Access Regime for International Students is aimed at all applicants who do not have Portuguese nationality. This regime does not apply to the students who: are a European Union Member state national or, despite not being a Member state national, have continuously been living in Portugal for more than two years.

Admission through this regime is subject to:

  • Verification of academic qualifications through: Document proof and a written exam on the subjects of the acces exams required for the study cycle – in accordance with the application guide of the general regime.
  • Verification of language knowledge through document proof.
  • The written exam consists of a written test of knowledge on the language in which the study cycle is taught. For both types of verification, an interview will always be conducted.

Application - Documents to be submitted:

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Passport;
  • Transcript of Records from the country of origin or a diploma that attests the successful completion of an educational program and entitles the student to apply for higher education in the country where those certificates were issued;
  • Portuguese secondary education diploma or legally equivalent qualification;
  • Documentary proof for the verification of the academic qualifications (when applicable)
  • Documentary proof for the verification of language knowledge (when applicable)


Group D - Vision ability, adequate to the requirements of the course. The form of proof is through a declaration issued by the student his/herself (ability to perceive shapes and colors).


Several computer labs with Apple iMacs 21" and HPs All-in-one 24 for Multimedia, with software for text editing and content management [Adobe and Office], professional color management, graphic production flow management and image processing.