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Coordenadora da Licenciatura em Energias RenováveisAna Oliveira
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Coordenadora da Licenciatura em Energias Renováveis
Jorge Costa

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Future graduates will have a solid training that will enable them to support and implement the design of energy and environmental solutions, in project and consultancy offices, planning and operation of renewable energy systems, and management of effluent and waste treatment plants. They may also participate in multidisciplinary teams to conduct studies about environmental impact and the rational use of energy and environmental resources.

Along with the more classic objectives, the study programme also includes innovative aspects that will enable future graduates to make a relevant contribution in complementary but crucial areas for business competitiveness, such as occupational safety and health, product design and entrepreneurship.


  • Renewable energy system design and planning companies;
  • Effluent and waste management and treatment companies;
  • Maintenance and technical assistance companies for Renewable Energy equipment;
  • Energy certification companies;
  • Environmental impact study offices;
  • Project and consultancy offices in the areas of energy and environment;
  • Research and development groups for renewable energy production systems.

STUDY PLAN 2020/2021


Ana, Aeroportos de Portugal; ANPC, Autoridade Nacional para a Proteção Civil; APTPS, Associação Portuguesa de Técnicos de Prevenção e Segurança; ATAM, Associação dos Técnicos Administrativos Municipais; OET, Ordem dos Engenheiros Técnicos; SNE, Sindicato Nacional dos Engenheiros (Técnicos); TAP Portugal; Vila Galé, Sociedade e Empreendimentos Turísticos, SA.