To affirm this institutional commitment, International Expansion is part of our Strategic Development Plan (SDP) as one of the main Development Vectors of ISEC Lisboa (see 4 - SDP 2017-2020 p. 32 and following- and will continue to be so in the next SDP 2020-2024.

Internationalization is, therefore, a transversal priority to different activity projects of the institute, from the training offer involving consortia with foreign Education Institutions, to RTD practices and the establishment of external partnerships with a view to the development and enrichment of our Educational, Scientific and Cultural Project.

As can be seen in our SDP at the link indicated above, the Strategic Development Vector for International Expansion was divided into 2 major Strategic Objectives:

  • SO1 - INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION IN TEACHING AND RTD - Reinforce the international mobility of teachers, researchers and students, intensifying and expanding the network of International Cooperation;
  • SO2 - INTERNATIONAL STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS - Strengthen international strategic partnerships at the level of CPLP and Latin America.

These Strategic Objectives are divided into different Operational Objectives, which, in turn, are implemented by carrying out several implemented actions and which we cannot describe here due to a lack of space, but which can be accessed at the indicated link. Joining to the Erasmus+ Program and obtaining the respective Erasmus Charter 2021-2017 will be one of the main ways to achieve consubstantiation and fulfil the established strategic objectives and, therefore, contribute to institutional development and modernization.

In accordance with these guidelines, our Erasmus Policy Statement is supported by our firm belief in the essential integration in the European Higher Education Area, the adoption of the principles inherent to the mobility of students, teachers and staff and the recognition of the importance of knowledge and international cooperation in terms of European policies that offer ISEC Lisboa unique opportunities for expansion and institutional growth. On the other hand, our adhesion to the Erasmus Program is a way that embodies our contribution and our commitment in the construction of a EUROPEAN EDUCATION AREA (EEA) and that will allow the complete fulfilment of ISEC Lisboa’s mission as a Higher Education Institution (HEI), which is essentially based on the full personal fulfilment through the development of teaching and research with high-quality standards, adopting a person-based view of the human being and a social responsibility awareness, forming citizens with full awareness of their European identity, their cultural heritage and its diversity, in line with the values assumed by our Institution.

Our adherence to the Principles underlying the creation of a common Education EEA is very clear, once again, both in the main guiding document of our Institution and in the institutional commitment, from the top management that crosses all the other levels of ISEC Lisboa.

Thus, the 2020-2024 Strategic Development Plan has as one of its Pillars (i) Digitization and Digital Education under which the development of digital skills and the focus on the development of skills for a Digital society are the plumb line that will guide our action in this field. Another Pillar in our 2020-2024 SDP (ii) Interactions for Internationalization is based, among other actions, on the promotion of mobility and recognition of qualifications and on the establishment of strategic partnerships with similar European institutions, with an emphasis on the most underprivileged public and on learning throughout life. Two other pillars supporting our 20/25 SDP are (iii) sustainability and (iv) connection to the Community and Social Responsibility where the issues of excellence and inclusive education, with particular attention to the diversity of the target audience, as well as aspects related to institutional sustainability, but also issues related to climate sustainability are guidelines for our action over the next five years. Our firm adherence to the construction of the EEA as well as to the Principles underlying the ERASMUS Program is also demonstrated by our adherence to ALIANÇA ODS Portugal, where we signed our firm commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals established for the 2030 Agenda.

We also emphasize that the strengthening of international partnerships at the level of CPLP and Latin America are also of extraordinary relevance in the international projection of ISEC Lisboa.

Thus, the international expansion through the strengthening of ISEC Lisboa's internationalization will continue to be a central focus that we want to consolidate and develop. In this dimension too, it is our firm intention to develop new partnerships and consolidate existing ones based on the opportunities offered by the ERASMUS+ Program.

Finally, we refer that in the current 2019/20 school year, ISEC Lisboa adopted as Leitmotif across all areas of its activity the theme “Digital Transformation x Industry 4.0”. The deep and extensive reflection that has resulted from that will be the launching pad for the incorporation of digitization processes in the various dimensions of our activity, including the dimension of internationalization where the Principles inherent to ERASMUS WITHOUT PAPER are adopted.

It should also be noted that, in this context, the strong commitment to the domain of new information and communication technologies and digital tools that will allow us in the short term to make a very qualitative leap, both in the domain of virtual (and mixed) mobility, and above all in organizational training to face the challenges that the present (and future) epidemic and pandemic outbreaks may return to us.