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Doutora Paula Tavares de Carvalho
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The Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management is meant for young people in initial training and professionals in the sector who wish to develop their technical and operational management skills.

It lasts for 6 curricular semesters in 3 academic years. The course is organized according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), allowing a total accumulation of 180 ECTS and further studies for a 2nd cycle - Master’s degree.

It includes lectures and conferences performed by guests with recognized merit and prestige in the business, technical and scientific context, technical journeys developed on several topics that complement the basic training and enable our students, without additional costs, to complement their training, and also field trips to several hotel or restaurant units developed within the technical and operational curricular units or in seminars.


The bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management is aimed at students undergoing initial training, as well as professionals in the sector who wish to develop their technical and operational skills in the field of management. It comprehends: lectures and conferences carried out by guests of recognized merit and prestige in the business, scientific and technical contexts; technical events developed on several themes that complement the base training and allow students (with no added costs) to complement their training; field trips to several hotel/food and catering establishments, developed within the aim of the operational and technical curricular units, or in seminars.

It is intended that students acquire various skills throughout the course, being able to perform various functions, on different levels of activity, within the scope of hotel establishments, namely: to define and/or to participate in the preparation of proposals for the definition of the strategy and general management policies of the hotel establishment; to plan and to program the annual activity; to study and to prepare annual budgets and technical proposals for the development of the business and the restructuring of the establishment; to define and/or to collaborate in the definition of the business, marketing and human resources policies; to master the principles and conduct of hygiene, maintenance and safety of facilities and equipment; to manage accommodation operations; to develop the food and beverage service operations.


The bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management aims at solid training and professional integration of qualified technicians in the field of management, with complementary skills in activities associated with operational management and management of the hotel sector's units such as catering, health units and assisted living.

The integrated training of the study program optimizes the exercise of multiple functions, reinforcing employability in common departments of the several of the aforementioned units, from operational management and management of the hotel sector's units, such as accommodation units, catering (and similar) units, healthcare units and assisted living, marketing, financial management, human resources management and quality management, among others.


This degree is aimed at society in general, namely: students who have completed secondary school; graduates of other degrees whose professional situation would benefit from in-depth knowledge in the field of hospitality.


Hospitality Management graduates may perform leadership and/or assistant manager functions in the various departments, namely in the areas of accommodation, food and beverages, sales and marketing, or entertainment, more specifically:

  • Hotel Manager
  • Management and administration of national or international companies/hotel units
  • Hotel Management in the Financial, Administrative, Marketing and Commercial areas
  • Human Resources Management
  • Housekeeping and Accommodation Management
  • Food and Beverage Management.


Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Management


Daytime (currently in force)
* ISEC Lisboa may open night/day classes, depending on the number of students enrolled and their preferences. 


6 semesters (3 years).


The Access Regime for International Students is aimed at all applicants who do not have Portuguese nationality. This regime does not apply to the students who: are a European Union Member state national or, despite not being a Member state national, have continuously been living in Portugal for more than two years.

Admission through this regime is subject to:

  • Verification of academic qualifications through: Document proof and a written exam on the subjects of the access exams required for the study cycle – in accordance with the application guide of the general regime.
  • Verification of language knowledge through document proof.
  • The written exam consists of a written test of knowledge on the language in which the study cycle is taught. For both types of verification, an interview will always be conducted.

Application - Documents to be submitted:

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Passport;
  • Transcript of Records from the country of origin or a diploma that attests the successful completion of an educational program and entitles the the student to apply for higher education in the country where those certificates were issued;
  • Portuguese secondary education diploma or legally equivalent qualification;
  • Documentary proof for the verification of the academic qualifications (when applicable)
  • Documentary proof for the verification of language knowledge (when applicable)




Practice kitchen, practice restaurant/bar; Accommodation practice office, hotel management software.