Accredited Course by Decision of the Board of Directors of the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (A3ES), dated 31 May 2011, without conditions. Order No. 6056/2019 of July 1, 2019



Maria Emília Baltazar, PhD
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The Study Cycle aims to qualify and specialize futures or improve current staff of companies and entities in the air transport sector, within the framework of the performance of management functions, direction, or technical direction in the various stakeholders of commercial aviation. The training provided is advanced and transversal to the activity related to Air Transport Operations, and aims to provide students with complementary and comprehensive management knowledge, with a view to optimizing operational performance in the business environment.

The course takes a systemic approach to air travel through the analysis of airlines, airports, frequent flyer programs, from an economic, operational, marketing and financial, performance and human resource management perspective. To this extent, the course provides students with the necessary knowledge for effective and competent integration in the air transport sector.


This course aims to provide students with the necessary tools to enable them to develop the following structuring skills: understanding and mastering the economic mechanisms of the air transport system, as well as the interdependence of its components; critically assess regulatory, economic, professional and political information from diverse sources; analyze and propose management and planning measures with the potential to improve processes in departments of civil aviation companies and entities; perform functions and procedures with a high degree of technical complexity, commitment and professional diligence, recognizing that performance transcends national barriers; know the importance of communication as a requirement for efficiency and safety in aviation; know how to work together in groups and organize project teams; master methodological and scientific tools to develop R&D projects.


Qualify and specialize future officials, or improve current ones in the air transport sector, at the level of management, operation, or technical management functions in the various stakeholders of commercial aviation.


+ Management (or equivalent higher education courses') graduates
+ Professionals with professional experience in aviation


+ Functions related to the management of air transport and airports


Master's Degree in Air Transport Operations



Course's total duration

2 years (4 Semesters; 120 ECTS total)


The Access Regime for International Students is aimed at all applicants who do not have Portuguese nationality. This regime does not apply to the students who: are a European Union Member state national or, despite not being a Member state national, have continuously been living in Portugal for more than two years.

Admission through this regime is subject to:

  • Verification of academic qualifications through: Document proof and a written exam on the subjects of the access exams required for the study cycle – in accordance with the application guide of the general regime.
  • Verification of language knowledge through document proof.
  • The written exam consists of a written test of knowledge on the language in which the study cycle is taught. For both types of verification, an interview will always be conducted.

Application - Documents to be submitted:

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Passport;
  • Transcript of Records from the country of origin or a diploma that attests the successful completion of an educational program and entitles the student to apply for higher education in the country where those certificates were issued;
  • Portuguese secondary education diploma or legally equivalent qualification;
  • Documentary proof for the verification of the academic qualifications (when applicable)
  • Documentary proof for the verification of language knowledge (when applicable)


Aeronautical Sciences, Aeronautical Management graduates; graduates or bachelors of courses in the area of Economics and Management, Engineering, Law, and other professionals related to the civil aviation sector wishing to provide services therein.


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