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The General Directorate for Research and Development (DGID) is an organic unit transversal to the Schools and Research Units of ISEC. DGID's mission is to promote the scientific culture of ISEC Lisboa, in a sustained and organized way, in order to contribute to the transfer and affirmation of knowledge as a safeguard of values linked to the dignity of human beings in all aspects: social, political, educational, economic, scientific and cultural. Thus, it is responsible for actively participating in the definition of ISEC's research policy, jointly with the Institute's Board, as well as supporting and coordinating ISEC Lisboa's scientific production and knowledge dissemination activity. 




CEIA // Center for Studies and Applied Research


The Center for Studies and Applied Research, CEIA, concentrates the scientific research carried out at ISEC Lisboa as well as the applied studies that emerge from the Institute to the community. There are currently seven lines of research that work on preferably internationalized research plans, so it has collaborations with Universities in Canada, Germany, Croatia, Russia, Finland, Austria, Estonia and international research networks.




TGRAF // International Center for Studies and Research in Graphic Technologies and Scientific Communication

ISEC Lisboa's International Center for Studies and Research in Graphic Technologies and Scientific Communication (TGRAF) is based at the Lumiar Campus. It has a physical and virtual operational structure in charge of Portuguese and Spanish researchers, who develop activities in the areas of Graphic Technologies applied to Scientific Communication. TGRAF's research focuses mainly on the following areas: graphic technology, paper materials, graphic design, scientific communication, ISO standards, printed and visual graphic products.