In compliance with the Higher Education Institutions Legal Regime (RJIES), approved by Law No. 62/2007 of 10 September, ISEC Lisboa includes, in its mission, the transmission and diffusion of culture, science and technology, contributing to economic and social development through education, research and community service. Thus, one of ISEC Lisboa’s institutional duties is to develop activities to connect with society, namely the ones regarding knowledge dissemination, transfer and enhancement.

Therefore, ISEC Lisboa recognizes its institutional responsibility in regional and national economic and social development. These dimensions are reflected in the Strategic and Action Plan for the 2017/2020 Quadrennium, the Strategic Development Vector 5 (VeDE 5) - Society and Social Responsibility.

Providing services to the community, the openness to the community, the commitment to promoting attractiveness and local and regional development are all part of our social pact. On the other hand, ISEC Lisboa is an organization that aims to promote an academic environment based on cultural diversity, inclusion, tolerance and social responsibility by fostering the collective awareness of commitment to social welfare in its different dimensions (social, environmental, cultural). Thus, the Strategic Development Vector, VeDE 5, represents our commitment to the relations with Society and the promotion of Social Responsibility.

Within the scope of the mission defined by SIGQ-ISEC Lisboa, in the context of its teaching and learning activities, research and interaction with society, respecting the limits and opportunities intrinsic to the natural and human ecosystems, ISEC Lisboa assumes several commitments, both in Social Responsibility and in the area of ​​community service.