Approved in Order no. 10714/2015, changed the designation of the Bachelor's degree by Notice No. 8994/2009 (Diário da República, 2nd series No. 85, 4 May 2009). Accredited by the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education | ACEF/1314/15632
Course qualified to enroll in the College of Safety Engineering by the Order of Technical Engineers (OET).


Coordenador Mestrado em Gestão da Saúde e Segurança no Trabalho

Gomes de Oliveira, PhD
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Ensure the development of knowledge, skills, practical abilities, attitudes and behaviors necessary for the training of Safety Technical Engineers and Occupational Safety Higher Technicians.

It is an educational offer in Safety Engineering that addresses Engineering Sciences and, essentially, the aspect of occupational risk, its identification, knowledge and control, that is, a training that allows the efficient and effective application of a Professional Risk Management Process to the concrete situations that the students will find in their future experience in the labor market.

These objectives are realized through training strategies focused on risk prevention and mitigation, relief and emergency, assistance to people and other living beings in distress, protecting cultural and environmental assets and values of high public interest, and supporting the restoration of the normality of life and society.


  • Access to the practice of Safety Engineering acts (Diário da República, 2nd series, No. 225, 20 November 2013);
  • Occupational Safety Higher Technicians in production or service entities (Diário da República, 1st series, No. 166, 28 August 2012);
  • Occupational safety manager and coordinator in works, companies and industries;
  • Safety trainer and consultant;
  • Occupational safety services auditor;
  • Research on occupational safety and health and related fields.



Mathematics I 1st Semester 6
Chemistry I 1st Semester 6
Informatics 1st Semester 4
Technical English 1st Semester 5
Introduction to the Study of Law   1st Semester 3

Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health

1st Semester 4

Anatomy and Physiology Applied to OSH

1st Semester 2
Mathematics II 2nd Semester 6
Chemistry II 2nd Semester 6
Physics I 2nd Semester 6

Information, Communication and Negotiation Techniques

2nd Semester 3

Occupational Health and First Aid

2nd Semester 4

Legislation and Regulation in OSH

2nd Semester 3

Materials Technology

2nd Semester 2
Mathematics III 1st Semester 6
Physics II 1st Semester 6

Probabilities and Statistics

1st Semester 4
Ergonomics  1st Semester 5

Technical Drawing

1st Semester 4

Occupational Risk Assessment

1st Semester 5

Instrumentation and Maintenance

2nd Semester 4

Mechanical and Electrical Hazards

2nd Semester 4

Chemical Hazards

2nd Semester 3

Operational Research

2nd Semester 5

Technologies and Industrial Processes

2nd Semester 3

Physical Risks

2nd Semester 6

Occupational Safety I

2nd Semester 5

Fire Safety I

1st Semester 6

Microbiology and Biological Hazards

1st Semester 4

Occupational Safety II

1st Semester 6

Training Conception and Management

1st Semester 5

Psychosocial Hazards

1st Semester 3

Project I

1st Semester 2

Organizational Management and Planning

1st Semester 4

Occupational Risk Management

2nd Semester 5

Fire Safety II

2nd Semester 6

Ethics and Deontology

2nd Semester 2

Prevention Systems Management

2nd Semester 5

Project II

2nd Semester 12